Top 10 Scary Videos that Cause Sleep Deprivation

Whether you’re chasing away yawn-spawning boredom or just looking for an escape from the horror of your mundane everyday routine, these alarmingly freaky, ominous, and pulse-pounding scary videos will do the necessary — and may even take you by surprise. Ever wondered what’s more terrifying than a ghost story? A ghost story that’s true. Because it doesn’t just frighten you, it unleashes a haunting on your psyche by making you admit the possibility of frightening things happening to you too. From uncanny ghost encounters and ominous events that came to pass in a haunted house to outright spooky ghost-filled graveyards, I am here with this top 10 list containing real-life ghost encounters that will have you tossing and turning all night. Truth be told, these are the scary videos that cause sleep deprivation. You might want to skip watching this scary comp today if you have already had a night of inadequate sleep.

Studies by paranormal investigators always fascinated me as I shared their passion and curiosity about “the other side.” In my early days as a horror fan, I used to be pretty active on several online forums, where people with first-hand experiences of being in the vicinity of ghosts shared their accounts of what it’s truly like living with the otherworldly. The entries included in this list of creepy videos are some of the most spine-chilling recordings and footage shared by them. And, what makes these scary videos so utterly ghastly is that they are real, which makes the fear feel unusually up-close and personal.

Being legit, these scary videos are dire enough to lay the foundations of doubt even in the most determined of non-believers. You won’t get a slew of the heart-in-your-mouth jump scares that you may have come to expect from watching reams of scary TikTok videos; what these creepy videos have in store for you is much, much worse. Their ability to break you into a cold sweat and make you paranoid even in the safest of places is so unnerving that you are probably better off watching an actual ghost than watching this list. Real talk.

So, just to warn you on what you are about to get yourself into, know that these are some of the scariest videos you will ever lay your eyes on, and watching them at night, all alone with the lights off may have, in plain English, may leave you sleepless tonight. Most of the entries analyzed on this list of scary videos contain at least one moment so unforgettably and innately freaky that it can easily become one of the most circulated on several spooky corners of the internet.

Just like the eeriest of scary stories, the more you watch these creepy videos, the more the darkness will grow and spread around your inner self, plaguing it with waking nightmares. So, if you are someone who can’t sleep alone in the night, be warned that this scary comp is likely not for you, as you might stumble across something that you may regret watching it for months to come. Plain and simple, steer clear of this list of scary videos if you don’t think you can handle it. But, if you think you can handle the dreads and the shudders at their worst, go ahead!

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