Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos To Make you CLOSE THE APP !

Nukes Top 10 SCARY videos of GHOSTS caught on camera ! Scary ghosts, creepy apparitions, poltergeists, Japanese ghost videos, SCARY tiktok videos, AND ghost hunters investigating HAUNTED houses. As always, we check out the full list of ALL top ten paranormal activity: evps, poltergeists, and the supernatural. All of these are featured in some of the creepiest scary videos on the internet.

So WHAT will you see in this video? A poltergeist goes HAM in a guy’s haunted house with some creepy EVPs. A strange creature runs across an iphone photo / video . A shadow figure ghost haunts a family and lifts a teddy bear into the air. Also, the shadow creature is caught on camera. A guy plays the Silent Hill theme and sees a shadow ghost. A Japanese ghost scares some urban explorers. A jump scare from a haunting in Norway.A creepy ghost lady on the road in Indonesia. A terrifying child ghost out in the cold scay wood of Colorado, caught by Mindseed TV. And then a poltergeist and some paranormal activity a LIVE cooking show, and another on a LIVE ring cam.

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And also!
Top 10 SCARIEST Ghost Videos of the YEAR !

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