Top 10 Bizarre Things Found Inside Faberge Eggs

Top 10 Bizarre Things Found Inside Faberge Eggs
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If you like decorating eggs for Easter, and you think you’re the best at it, you may need to up your game. The Faberge Eggs are the most prized Easter eggs in the world, and the hunt is on going. Designed and constructed by Peter Faberge using an assortment of precious metals and stones, these precious pieces of art are Easter egg design goals! Out of the 50 that were individually made, only 43 survived the revolution that happened Tsar Nicholas of Russia, his wife and his family. From ships, to birds, everything was hidden inside these ornate pieces of art. This is the Top 10 Bizarre Things Found Inside Faberge Eggs.

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00:00 Intro
01:04 The Faberge Necessaire Egg
01:58 The Rock Crystal Egg
02:49 The Third Imperial Faberge Egg
03:47 The Czarevich Egg
04:34 The Winter Faberge Egg
05:22 The Peacock Egg
06:12 The Memory of Azov Egg
07:17 The Bay Tree Egg
08:17 Gatchina Palace Egg
09:07 The Hen Egg

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