Should We Collect Microbrand Watches?

Many of my viewers have asked me about micro-brands and whether we should collect them or not.
That said, I hear so many stories from people (especially newbies) that have spent a fortune on 30 or 40 watches (micro’s) over a period of time and initially in their heart they wanted a ‘grail’ that to them seemed unattainable when they first started collecting.

$8k-$10k was way out of reach for many of them, so they spent $500 here and $300 there, until they realised they could have got their grail if they were patient.
These are specific points I am addressing, where real people who have shared their distress and stories with me, I give my advice to them and others going down the same road.
I share my thoughts on these, feel free to add your comments, ideas and experiences as well..
As for me, I love micro brands and believe that a handful have a place in my own collection, thats my personal take and pleasure in this hobby..

Once again, feel free to share your thoughts and thanks for watching


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