Shoe Fashion Trends Guide 2022. What Shoes will We Wear in 2022?

In 2022, we will see high platform shoes, rough shoes, bow buckles, ballerina ballet flats and clogs everywhere. There are a lot of unusual shoe designs to admit, and take a look at the video for the top shoe trends of 2022.

Uglycore aesthetics may not suit you at first, but over time they will come into our lives like everything that is fashionable. Wear your jeans for an understated look, then you’ll look great in stunning shoes.

To get started, check out the top shoe trends of 2022:

High Platforms
Sporty Sandals
Soft&Puffy Shoes
Ballet Flats
Rough Shoes
Lace-up Sandals
Square-toe Boots
Retro Pumps
Slingback Pumps
Western Style Boots
Architectural Heels
Rubber Clogs
Shoes with Bow


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