Sharon Kihara performs Oriental Fusion belly dance at The Massive Spectacular!

Sharon Kihara performs a traditional belly dance number including drum solo at The Massive Spectacular!
It’ll knock your socks off!

Learn to Bellydance at home.
We recommend the following videos to learn from at home. If you purchase them we will make a small commission.
Serpentine: Bellydance with Rachel Brice (TWO-DVD SET): Complete belly dancing instructional program, Belly dancing classes with yoga, How-to in Rachel’s tribal style belly dance, including full choreographies
From A to Zoe – 4 disc tribal fusion set
Fluid Technique with Zoe Jakes – 2 disc set
Tribal Roots: Tribal Fusion Technique & Choreography with Kami Liddle
Popped, Locked and Loaded – Tribal Fusion by Kami Liddle
Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Sharon Kihara
Odissi with Colleena Shakti Vol.2 DVD
Bellydance Superstars: Tribal Drum Solo Choreography with Zoe & Issam
Mastering the Dance: Amar Gamal
Contemporary Belly Dance and Yoga, with Ariellah: Tribal fusion bellydance classes, Belly dance fitness, workout, and yoga instruction, Beginner-intermediate
Bellydance: East Coast Tribal, with Sera Solstice: Basics, Combinations & Strength, Tribal fusion belly dance classes, Belly dance instruction, Belly dance how-to

And check out our friends at Hollywood Music Center on Amazon for more bellydance music than you could listen to in a lifetime!


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