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As we enter our 10th holiday season as a small family business, we stand together with deep roots and definite intention. These (holi)days remind us of our purposeful mission and the common thread we share as women, as sisters, as mothers, and in gratitude to the women that came before us.

Similarly to architecture, fashion represents a visual story of the spirit of the times. In honor of past generations, we asked each of our replenish family to choose a decade of fashion that called to them. Each of us became “vintage”, not broken or flawed, but timeless and original.

This (holi)day is our beauty redefined.

We believe care, connection and self-love are the ingredients that come together in every generation as a vital component for healing. It’s in the uncovering of old traditions, rituals and looking in the rear view mirror with gratitude for the lineage of women who spoke up, stood for something and created revolutions that pushed boundaries, changed laws and redefined what women do, what we wear and how we own our personal truth beautifully.

It’s really about discovering the beauty of our differences. Perhaps its your bold lip color, or your grandmother’s Sunday hat. How do you wear your truth? What does vintage beauty look like on you?

We invite you to share in this vintage love affair.

Join us on Instagram as we rewind fashion to move women forward. And STAY TUNED IN for so much magic from our entire replenish family.


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