Old Fashioned, Banana Split, Raj On The Beach & Flatliner

This week we will teach you how to make 3 cocktails.
An Old Fashioned, Banana Split, Raj On The Beach and a badass shot, ‘The Flatliner’.

We are aiming to bring cocktails to a whole new range of people in an entertaining and fun way. From Tequila to Honey Jack Daniel’s and even using eggs and worms!

Every week we will be showing you how to manipulate some of the fantastic flavours and textures of alcohol you find hidden behind many bars, into something that will please even the fussiest drinkers!

The next episode will be the halloween special!

Dont forget to send us a message or write in the comments section and give us an idea of a flavour you would like us to try and make into a cocktail. The best one will be chosen and made on the show!!

Happy Drinking!


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