KFC Cries at His First Father Daughter Dance – Full Episode

The long-awaited Polly Feitelberg Interview has finally arrived, as a reward for hitting 100k subscribers on Youtube. We sit down with Polly Feitelberg (Feits’ mom) and get to the bottom of why Feits is the way that he is and what her take is on all of his stories such as e. coli Christmas, skipping every Monday of school, joining Barstool, and much more.

As for the regular episode:
– KFC talks about attending his first father-daughter dance and the how he cried multiple times throughout the night
– We rank the top 5 worst states
– Video Voicemails
– secondary characters
– driving a stranger 5 blocks
– being a Goy


0:00 – Intro
12:03 – Father Daughter Dance
20:59 – Top 5 Worst States
55:33 – Video Voicemails
1:09:23 – Polly Feitelberg Interview


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