Kamala Harris’ ‘bizarre’ space video used child actors to try ‘humanise’ her

Vice President Kamala Harris’ new video for her ‘Get Curious with Vice President Harris’ YouTube series has been labelled “bizarre” as it was revealed child actors were hired.

Get Curious’ video was in partnership with NASA for World Space Week and showcased five kids learning about space and going on a scavenger hunt with the VP.

One of the kids – 13-year-old Trevor – revealed on a local news channel that his agent booked him the gig.

Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News where she labelled the video “bizarre” and shared how it made the VP look inauthentic.

“It is really a bizarre thing to watch and you question yourself has she ever even been around children by the way,” Ms Owens said.

“This is somebody who was a child actor who reached out to his agent and asked to get this part.

”He was called back weeks later and said yes you got the part to star alongside the vice president of the United States and try to normalise and humanise her which unfortunately for him he failed at because it’s hard to humanise Kamala Harris.

“To have to go out and get child actors, I mean what is actually going on in this administration? This really does feel like it’s a Saturday Night Live skit.”


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