Insanely Creepy Videos That Should NOT Exist


From creepy and strange encounters with bizarre creatures to unbelievable moments in this video I will analyze and talk about Insanely creepy videos that shouldn’t exist.
Mysterious phenomena – In the past couple of years many strange things happened, but one that has drawn the attention of many people are the strange lights in the sky. Some of them have an explanation, to be honest most things have an explanation, but to this day no one has found a reasonable one to some of these strange and mysterious lights. And recently an even stranger things has been caught on camera. We analyze a bit of the timeline of this mysterious event.
Haunted house in the middle of nowhere – Gabriel Martinez decided to explore an abandoned building in the middle of nowhere in a small town, he gets his car and drives down to the place in hopes of capturing something unbelievable on camera. To his surprise this is exactly what happens. Paranormal or Bigfoot what Gabriel captures on camera is truly unexplained.
Bizarre sounds coming from… ? – Imagine trying to sleep and waking up to some strange noise coming from outside, well this is what happened a couple of months to Marcelo Lex who at first thought it was a big storm coming but no…it was something else…
Scary TikTok video – A tiktokker is doing live streams of him singing in the middle of the woods when all of a sudden he seems to capture the attention of a a deer, however it seems it’s not just a deer, what appears to be scary unknown cryptids , maybe Sasquatch or something else ? Something else is there and he is able to capture it all on camera , during his live stream.
Urban Exploration – Realm Xplore ( is a youtube channel that goes paranormal investigating and sometimes urban exploring , Chris is the owner of the channel and he decides to explore an abandoned mansion that was built in the 1900s. Everything is going smooth and in the end he uploads the video to youtube, but without knowing it seems he captured evidence of the shadow people, or maybe something else ?
TikTok couple renovating – A TikTok couple decides to buy an old house to renovate it , but what they find inside is chilling, everything points to maybe this house being as haunted as it can be. This scary encounter will chill you to the bone…
This and much more on this mind blowing and unbelievable compilation of strange videos. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where James LaFleur analyses and talks about the most mysterious , creepy and mind blowing things ever caught on tape. I upload 2 times a week so get ready for more creepy footage !

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