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For today’s episode, we have some customer states photos and videos from all around the web and sent in by subscribers! If you have any questions about any of the photos or videos, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, check out the bottom of this description for more information about each photo & clip.

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Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 It’s not safe to drive a vehicle with a bubble (or multiple) on a tire(s). The only fix is to replace the tire. The vast majority of bubbles are caused by impact damage. When a tire hits a sharp object on the road the force from the weight and speed of the vehicle is focused on the small area of contact. This compresses the tire enough that the inside of the sidewall is pinched and damaged causing a small hole in the inside tire liner layer. The impact can also damage the sidewall cords and significantly weaken the tire. The impact may not have been noticed by the driver. You can read more info here.
0:27 No extra info but a great reminder to set your tires to what the manufacturer recommends. If you open the driver’s door it’ll have a sticker on the door jamb or recommended PSI in the owner’s manual.
0:39 As mentioned, the customer replaced the alternator but never tightened the belt. It was a quick fix and now the alternator spins and charges the battery.
0:56 The technician said it surprisingly didn’t do any damage (just punctured wheel well liner). He removed it and the customer went on his way.
1:08 Broken transmission mount, which looks to be broken from the customer hitting something as you can see from the marks underneath the vehicle.
1:18 Customer needs 4 new tires, a subframe, and alignment to fix this issue.
1:26 No extra info from technician but that’s a lot of work for some flashlights lol.
1:49 The technician said: “Apparently the customer was in charge of delivering the gravy to an end-of-year sports break-up event. They hit a speed bump at too much speed and the containers fell off the rear seats and went everywhere. The whole interior had to be ripped out and trust me the smell was awful. A couple of days labor and brand new carpets and sound-deadening, I don’t know the exact figure but it wasn’t cheap.”
1:58 No extra info from the technician but you can see the sway bar link is broken and the wheel will have to be replaced (tire possibly as well).
2:09 The technician said: “We always do a walk around when their trucks come in for other repairs to cover our asses.
This truck was on city streets and busy highways every day. Being a roadside wheel when it separated it would have likely killed someone.”
2:18 Shop cat had kittens 🙂
2:32 Just needed washer fluid and it even said on the instrument cluster how to add it.
2:44 I replaced the shocks with new ones of course. I also installed new front ones.
2:54 “My colleague and I were wondering what on earth is this man doing. And then boom, the tire exploded right before his face. We went to see if the man was okay and he received minor injuries. I posted this on social media as a P.S.A. to let people know that they need to pay attention when maintaining anything on a vehicle.”
3:07 Outro. Thanks for watching!


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