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Breville’s quick touch microwave oven looks incredible with its electronic controls, but it also does a great job of cooking, reheating and defrosting your food.

This microwave has a very cool black finish, complete with a stainless steel bar handle, though this model is also available with a fully stainless steel finish. Inside, the microwave has a volume of 34 litres, and the interior is also finished in easy to clean stainless steel. The 315mm diameter turntable has a self-locating design that lets it slide effortlessly back into place after you’ve removed it for cleaning.

Now let’s take a look at the LED control panel, which is a bit different from the traditional dials or keypads that most of us are used to, but still quite simple to use.

Using the two dials in the middle, you can set the cooking power and time, or just press the second dial to instantly program 30 seconds of heating. As you make adjustments, the LED display will update accordingly. One of this microwave’s unique features is that you can actually adjust its power level in the middle of your cooking, while the microwave still running! So if you reckon you need a bit more power to fully heat your dish through, or if your meal is heating up too fast and starting to spatter and make a mess, you can turn the power level up or down and get the results you want with just a twist of a dial, all without pausing your cooking.

The buttons underneath are for the microwave’s various Smart settings, including smart cooking, reheating and defrosting. Press one of these buttons, and follow the on-screen prompts to set your food type and amount, and the microwave will work out the best power level and cooking time to give you the best-tasting results.

Another handy feature is the A Bit More button. If your microwave dinner is looking pretty good, but you reckon it needs to cook a bit longer to be perfect, press this button to extend the cooking time by an amount based on the cooking program you’re using, or a flat 20 seconds for the basic mode.

While the main dials should be able to handle most of this microwave’s everyday functions, if you pop open the door, you’ll find an extra control panel just inside with a few more functions. These include four automatic cooking modes for softening butter, melting chocolate, and for cooking baked beans or popcorn. Just press one of these, use the dial to enter the weight, press start, and the microwave will do the rest, automatically setting the best power level and heating time for perfect results.

The Sensor IQ functions at the top provide another smart way to cook or reheat food. To cook a meal, press the Cook button, use the dial to select the meal type, the press Start, and the microwave will calculate the best cooking time and power level, using sensors to monitor humidity and steam levels to make sure it cooks perfectly. The Reheat button is even simpler – just put in your leftover curry, casserole or soup, press reheat, press start, and the microwave will calculate when it’s ready based on the humidity and steam released.

And if you work out your own custom microwave program that’s perfect for heating your favourite meal, you can save it with the Favourite button to recall the settings instantly, without having to program them all again next time.

This microwave comes with a 1 year replacement warranty from Breville, so you can rely on its lasting performance whether you’re cooking, reheating or defrosting food.


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