Ben Shapiro’s Bizarre Genetic IQ Argument Proves He Does Not Understand Poverty

​@Ben Shapiro is here to speed-talk his way into saying something terrible again. He is bemoaning any loss of gifted programs because some children are naturally gifted, and it’s genetic, by the way. So, “if both parents are neuroscientists, there’s a good shot that their kid is going to have a higher IQ than somebody both of whose parents are on welfare.” Poverty. It’s a cycle; it’s a systemic failure; it disproportionately affects people of color. All brands of Republicans seem to believe that wealth is a demonstration of your effort and talents, and that poverty is a result of laziness, stupidity, and moral failings. The Majority Report crew discuss.

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Sam Seder: Ben Shapiro. I wonder if he really understands what he’s saying here. The world in which we would live in where… I mean, this is completely consistent with right-wing talking points that there is something morally reprehensible about people who are living in poverty. In this instance, Shapiro is simply saying there’s a genetic predetermination as to whether you will live in poverty. Here is Ben Shapiro.
BS: So the California guidelines could overhaul the way many school districts approach math instruction. The draft rejected the idea of naturally gifted children, recommended against shifting certain students into accelerated courses in middle school, and tried to promote high-level math courses that could serve as alternatives to calculus like data science or statistics. Okay, so first of all, if you reject the idea of naturally gifted children it’s because you’re an idiot. Some kids are gifted. Period. End of story. Some kids have higher IQs than others, and shock of shocks: It turns out that there is a heavy, heavy genetic component to that. That if both parents are neuroscientists there’s a good shot that their kid is going to have a higher IQ than somebody both of whose parents are on welfare.


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