Band Member On Story Of The Most DISTURBING Song Ever Conceived Circa 1980 | Professor of Rock

Former Joy Division / New Order member Peter Hook tells the story of working on one of the most disturbing, heart wrenching love songs ever conceived. Love Will Tear us Apart by Joy Division including Ian Curtis who would later take his own life.

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Hey music junkies and vinyl junkies Professor of Rock always here to celebrate the greatest artists and the greatest 80s songs of all time for the music community and vinyl community with music history video essay’s. If you’ve ever owned records, cassettes and CD’s at different times in you life or still do this is your place Subscribe below right now to be a part of our daily celebration of the rock era with exclusive stories from straight from the artists and click on our patreon link in the description to see our brand new show there.

Every person watching this right now has had several mind altering moments with music. Those moments where you hear a song and you feel the impact in a seismic and emotional way. And it can go several different ways. A song can completely sweep you off of your feet, A song can make you feel invincible and motivate you in ways you didn’t think were possible, a song can also cut you to the bone, fill your heart with anguish and your soul with deep and unabated sadness. Great music does that. Songs can change everything. I call them silver bullet songs. They literally change the way we look at the world they are the equivalent of the road to damascus. They can become our turning point. Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division is one of those songs. The first time I heard it, I felt such a deep and overwhelming grief. It was A far reaching melancholy, as if someone pushed me into six foot plot and began to bury me alive. the despair and torment inside Ian Curtis’s poetry is so utterly moving, my heart could faintly take it. I mean think about some of the words: 1st verse: When Routine bites hard and ambitions are low and resentment rides high but emotion won’t grow. Ian Curtises degree of vulnerability in asking such honest and direct questions, that we as listeners can’t bear to even think of what the answers might be. I’ve yet to find a song in popular music that compares with such naked emotion. and then he ends each of these questions with the inevitable answer. Love Love will tear us apart again. It’s quite simply Agony and suffering of the highest order. As Ian Curtis transforms every listener into a voyeaur of the tribulations of a struggling marriage and the severe possession of emotional turmoil. With music that’s equally dejected as the grieving companion to the lyrics that included Hooky’s droning bass, Stephen morrisses pensive drumming, Bernard’s 12 string eco guitar and eerie keyboard parts, it was a study in misery. I mean truly the song sounds like a funeral matching the cover art that is a picture of a tomb. How many bands journey for musical exploration was crowned by Joy Division and their work. U2, Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys, Henry Rollins, and hundreds more. The victim of this sad story is of course it’s creator, the genius of postpunk… Ian Curtis who took how own life not long after writing this. What a loss. In my opinion, Ian Curtis has the most haunting voice of any singer my ears have ever experienced . I had the honor of talking with Peter Hook one of the co founders of Joy Division and co-writers of this brilliant standard. Here’s what he said about it as well as band transitioning from Joy Division to New Order.


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