Abbe Shushu – Bazooka (feat. thruoutin) – Weekly sessions

Bazooka (feat. thruoutin) is the 2nd track on Perseverance. This is a special song as it’s the fruit of a collaboration with Beijing-based American producer thruoutin, who worked a great deal on the album. This track’s music entirely produced by thruoutin was originally intended as a forey into South Africa’s gqom music. After hearing it during a recording session, Abbe Shushu offered to add some vocals to it, and Bazooka (feat. thruoutin) was born! An outlier in the album, together with Waka Waka (feat. ANXT & thruoutin), it shows the breadth of skills of Abbe Shushu as well as the quality of the artists he works with. Video production by Audeo Studios for this Weekly Session too!


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