25 Horrifying DARK WEB Facts That Are Actually True

Get ready to be blown away by these 25 horrifying DARK WEB facts that are actually true! The dark web, also known as the deep web or the one place online you should not go, is an unregulated wild west full of crazy websites you have no idea existed. You will never find these websites listed in Google or Bing, and there are numerous reasons to stay away! From a live feed of active torture to human trafficking, there are many dark web secrets that “they” don’t want you to know about. Think you know what the Silk Road or an onion router is? Get ready to learn all about these and more with these 25 Horrifying Dark Web Facts That Are Actually True!

This list is full of dark web stories that will have you wondering what is wrong with the world. Built as a network of websites that are essentially “off-grid” the dark web is considered to be 400-500 times larger than the surface web that most of us interact with. The anonymity on the dark web allows users to do some pretty terrible things with little to no oversight. Think you’re ready for these deep web facts? Are you sure you can stomach these real dark web stories? If so, they watch these 25 Horrifying Dark Web Facts that are Actually True and leave us a comment letting us know if you’ve ever tiptoed through the dark web.

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To kick off this list of facts about the dark web, did you know that the Dark Web is thought to generate at least $500,000 a day? While making money on the dark web can take all types of forms, scams are a big money maker. For example, many people on the dark web were falling for a scam called Besa Mafia, where they thought they were hiring hit men, but in all reality were just wasting their money (primarily BitCoin). While many people have never heard of the dark web, for ISIS, the dark web is a key recruiting and fundraising tool. The dark web also serves as a marketplace for all kinds of books, stolen credit cards, fake degrees, weapons, drugs, passports, people, and sperm. Get ready to be shocked and appalled by these deep web facts, but remember, with knowledge comes the power to do something about it. Make sure to watch this video all the way to the end to see what dark and disturbing dark web facts made our top 10!

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