16 Scary Videos You Shouldn't Click On

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Everyone comes to YouTube with a different purpose. For you, I assume it is to be entertained by watching some scary videos. As the title says these are the 16 scary videos you shouldn’t click on, and you must be pretty interested in getting some frights since you are here. If you’ve been feeling like videos don’t scare you as much these days, you are at the right place.

Finding creepy videos that bring thrill and chills has become extremely difficult. Most of the videos are old now, and they are not as frightening to watch. However, this scary comp will quench your thirst for watching paranormal activities and spooky events. That voice in your head might entice you to watch these scary videos. However, I know what this list holds, and I have been through all of this. Believe me, these videos gave me chills through my head to my toes even when I knew what was coming.

It may make you lock your door or even check below your bed if something is lying under it. If you are not brave enough, getting sleepless nights for a few days and nerve-wracking nightmares is common. The worst part is that these videos leave their impression on the subconscious part of your mind. So, getting hit by a terrible memory years after watching this video can also trigger the frights. The list of paranormal and supernatural events will leave you with chills and shake you to your core. These creepy clips will leave a mark on your subconscious that you may never be able to remove. This mark will become deeper and deeper every time your subconscious mind recalls those memories.

So, you may find yourself sitting blank with none of your senses working, and you will only be thinking about these scary clips. These memories will be haunting when you’re alone, especially in dark places. Even though I knew what was coming, they still made me flinch and frightened me. So, your best choice will be to stay as far away from these creepy videos as possible. If you make up your mind to watch them, make sure you’re not weak hearted.

Even if only one of these 16 videos scares you, you may stay stunned for hours or days. If you think you are brave enough and are all in to dig deeper into the mysteries that nobody could solve yet, you are most welcome to start the video. You might ask why I am asking you not to start the video. Well, start the video, and you will get the answer yourself after starting to watch these scary videos.

Consider this as my last heads up. If you are the type of person who easily gets scared, then this list is not for you. This whole list is made with scary videos that you should never click on, let alone, watch and discuss them. Continuing to watch means that you are welcoming creepy sensations and sleepless nights your way.

With that said, I did not mean that the brave ones will not have an easy time. These scary videos can end up triggering some of your deepest frights and may leave the bravest individuals having chills. Watching the whole list may make you feel not safe at home, in your room, or in your bed.

Done watching the creepy videos? That’s great because you are still here instead of quitting midway! Which of these videos was the scariest among all the creepy videos? What type of content do you want in upcoming videos? Let me know in the comments section below and share your thoughts about these scary videos. Stay tuned for more new horror content.













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