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Are you one of those people who look for scary stuff because other things are boring? Well rest assured, these scary videos are anything but boring. This list is specifically made for the people who are here to settle in for the chills. This is for people who think there is no actually scary content left out there.

The collection of events on this list will leave you thinking about the logic behind them. The reason is that each one of these top 15 videos defies all logic. So, the human brain likely can’t decode the happenings of these clips. This scary comp has all the scariest videos to make your home feel like a haunted house. Seeing something that you know happened for real, and there is no logic behind that, is very creepy. Yes, I am talking about the scary videos analyzed in this list. Watching this can leave anyone shaken to their core.

These are the 15 Scary Videos That Defy All Logic, and they will dismantle your sense of perception, especially at night and in darkness. You may also get scared with the pile of clothes on your chair, thinking that some horrible creature is sitting there. All of this will be an illusion from your mind playing tricks after watching these creepy videos.

Leave the lights in your room on while sleeping after you watch these videos. That is if you can even get to sleep… The way these videos defy all the logic, you could be left stunned for days after watching these videos. Real Talk, this not only goes true for the weak-hearted ones, but the bravest ones can also face these consequences. These scary videos affect the subconscious mind. So, if you watch these videos, you might be left terrified for a long time.

So, consider this as the last chance to turn back. This list is only for those individuals who want the chills. I am pretty sure that each one of the creepy videos from this list will scare you well. If you were randomly scrolling through YouTube and somehow ended up on this video, there is only one suggestion. RUN from the scary videos!

Done Watching? That’s Great!
Not everyone can watch these scary videos till the end. Some people quit in the beginning, while some are hardly able to complete. If you are still here, it means you were enjoying getting the scary rush from these videos. You must be very brave, but I am pretty sure that you were scared at some point. So, which of these creepy clips from the list scared the living daylights out of you? Let me know which of these videos was best at defying all logic and which one was your favorite.


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