15 Scary Videos Showing Creepy Things and Weird Stuff

Which scary videos are the best of all time? And how do we define “best?” Based on the number of likes and comments they receive? Cultural impact? Maybe it is better if we leave it up to one’s personal taste. To celebrate that and revel in a night of frights, here are 15 scary videos showing creepy things and weird stuff!

With this creepy list, you have a dark choice to make. You can either watch it and witness your sanity slip away from your grip as eerie chills take hold of your psyche, or find strength to fight off the urge to watch something that can really deliver you the thrills that it seeks. My advice? It all depends on you — if you’re brave enough to watch, go ahead! But if you’re faint of heart, stay away from this scary comp. Because what it offers might shape your nightmares for life.

The entries in this list are 15 of my picks for the most frightful, forbidding, and downright freakish scary videos — of probably all time. What made me analyze these creepy videos as entries for this scary comp? Well, I don’t know if it was the dreadful quietness of the night, or the portrayals of story stories these videos painted on the canvas of my psyche, but I just can’t recall ever watching anything scarier. Know that the scary videos you are about to watch are truly lock-all-the-doors, check-the-closet, and head-under-the-covers scary. Even a single moment spent watching this list may haunt your thoughts for weeks!

Safe to say, none of us is a stranger to the horribly unsettling feeling that seizes our entire being after we watch a few spine-chilling scary videos — especially the ones that play out the very situations we would most like to avoid in real life. The depths to which we get freaked out and the haunting paranoia inflicted on our souls watching such creepy videos make us question even the faintest of sounds we hear in the night. You can expect all of that and more by the frights these creepy videos will put you through. Ever wished to visit a haunted house? Well, you’d no longer need it to go visit it! Your own home will feel like a haunted house by the time you’re done watching this list of top 15 scary videos. So proceed at your own peril.

There, you see. You have been cautioned. Thoroughly. Now if you choose to watch this list and then lose your sleep, remember it was your choice to watch this list of top 15 creepy and weird videos.

Done watching? That’s great!
Which of these scary videos made you jump out of your skin? Let me know right below in the comments!















Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)

Entry Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:20 Number 15
1:38 Number 14
3:36 Number 13
4:45 Number 12
6:06 Number 11
7:28 Number 10
8:11 Number 9
9:08 Number 8
11:32 Number 7
13:06 Number 6
14:08 Number 5
16:14 Number 4
17:40 Number 3
18:44 Number 2
20:09 Number 1


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