15 Scary Videos Humans Weren’t Meant to See

The Internet is full of all sorts of content, and some are too scary for humans to see. These are the 15 scary videos humans weren’t meant to see. All you need to do now is watch them and see how scary these videos are. The thing about horror content is that there’s never enough to satisfy the craving. If you enjoy them, you want one after the other. These videos will leave you with a pale complexion buried under your thoughts, thinking about what happened.

Even the bravest dudes out there may shiver and feel the chills through their spines from the level of scary these videos possess. This content is scary for the majority and feeling too scared is a normal thing. I am pretty sure that if you watch the video during the night, you will not be able to sleep with the lights out. I have watched a massive amount of creepy videos on YouTube. Yet, I wish nobody had to go through what this list holds. I was even afraid after multiple viewings. That’s right, I knew what was coming in the video and I was still terrified. Consider this while watching this list when you do not even know what the next entry has.

Every little creaking sound near you will trigger the memories of these creepy videos. The memories from this list could give you the frights regardless of the situation and whenever they are triggered. Just think if the same happens to you when you watch these scary videos. These dreadful incidents could leave you in despair. So, I will tell you that you may not want to watch these videos. They are not good for humans only unless you are all in for a night full of frights. Watching the whole list with a group may bring confidence to some. It will also make sure that nobody sleeps at night because of these creepiest videos.

Try crawling into your bed, and you could still feel the most scared in your life. Surprisingly this is the same spot that used to be the most comfortable for you. In fact, everywhere, you will feel scary for as long as you have the thoughts of the eeriest videos in your mind. If you easily freak out with the simple things, then I will recommend you close this video as soon as possible. Honestly speaking, these scary videos may seem daring and enjoyable to watch with friends. However, always consider they won’t be there by your side when you are alone and frightened. So, you better find something else to watch. Only proceed with the video if you really want to feel the thrill with each of these scary clips. The scariest videos on this list could stay in your mind and most likely stay there forever.

Done watching? Amazing!
Most people can’t watch scary videos in the form of a list and resist getting scared. So tell me which entry scared you the most in the comments below. Good luck sleeping tonight!
















Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
jdgehlert (pond5.com)

Entry Timestamps:
0:00 Number 15
0:59 Number 14
1:57 Number 13
2:58 Number 12
3:52 Number 11
5:31 Number 10
6:46 Number 9
7:38 Number 8
10:08 Number 7
11:31 Number 6
12:23 Number 5
13:11 Number 4
14:09 Number 3
15:19 Number 2
16:50 Number 1


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