10 unexplained Mysteries Caught on Camera!

10 unexplained Mysteries Caught on Camera!

The world is full of mysteries, and ever since the invention of the camera, people have been catching
them on film almost on a daily basis. Today we will look at 10 of the most Mysterious events caught on

camera. Stay tuned for number 1, it’s a classic.

Number 10. The Russian Creature

Although details about this video are sketchy at most, from what I’ve gathered this was recorded back in

2015. And honestly, whether this video is fake or not, it’s one of the weirdest videos I’ve ever seen in my


The story goes that this was filmed in Russia, and the video shows two uniformed men, presumably

Russian soldiers. The two men are standing around and look as though they are guarding something. A

few seconds into the video, what appears to be an unidentified creature suddenly grabs one man and

attempts to drag him into the water. Upon seeing what was happening, the second man quickly rushes

to help his friend, but was unable to, so he opts to run into the base.

The first man is then dragged completely off screen when the second man reappears, talking on the

phone while frantically searching for his friend. He then spots something coming towards him and he

quickly retreats to the base for safety. Seconds later, something large flies through the base door,

whether it was the first man or the unknown creature, we can’t be sure.

A few seconds past, and we see a tall figure emerging from the base door, wearing a long dark robe,

adding more mystery to the video. What did we just witness? What could be strong enough to drag a

full grown man into the water? And who or what is the cloaked figure? Let us know what you think

down in the comments.

Number 9. The Shadow

Running ghost? I don’t believe in ghosts but I thought this video would be interesting enough to share. My coworker sent it to me claiming that two of her friends didn’t even see the figure until they watched the video. Seems like its just a person, but I’m interested in your thoughts. Thanks. from Ghosts



While some strange videos are quite easy to explain, there are others that spark controversy and

discussion in various online boards. This next clip is definitely an example of the latter.

The video starts of innocently enough; a person holding the camera is attempting to film a young girl

dancing to a popular song. The girl was just about to begin her routine when all of a sudden, something

extremely dark and fast dashes across the living room. It was too fast to make out exactly what it was

but when the clip was uploaded to reddit, it garnered divided opinions.

While some say that the shadow looked like a person running really fast, others say that it resembles a

plant. Although it is quite possible that the person taking the video just panned too fast and caught a

stationary plant, giving it the illusion of movement, but I personally think that that scenario is highly


But what do you think? Did they catch a shadow person or is this just a case of bad filming?

Number 8. A Last Bit of Fun
The next couple of clips that you are about to see comes from Saudi Arabia, and at first glance, nothing

seems to be quite unusual or amazing about them. The short footage just shows a swing set in an empty

children’s playground. But within a few seconds you’ll spot some that’s extraordinary; one of the swings

is moving quite energetically while the one beside it is completely stationary.

Videos like these can easily be explained. It could be that the man shooting the video moved the swing

before he started filming. But then, how do you explain the second clip? This second video shows the

same swing set, in the same playground, taken at the exact time when the first video was taken, but this

time from a different angle and by a different person. This time, it clearly shows the swing moving

without anybody touching it.

Could it be the wind that is making it move? If so, then why is the swing sitting right next to it

motionless? Could it be the spirit of a departed child trying to relive its lost childhood? What do you


Number 7. The Blinking Doll

Most children’s toys aren’t creepy at all, but there are things about dolls that creeps a lot of people out.

Maybe it’s because they are purposefully made to look like humans; humans with blank stares and

lifeless eyes. But then again, wouldn’t it be more terrifying if something that you clearly know is a doll

shows some kind of life?

This video looks like someone doing some urban exploration at night, and is taking footage of life sized

dolls of some Disney characters. The footage, admittedly, looks scary enough, but what happens next

raised the terror level quite a bit.

As the camera zoomed in to the face of a female doll, you can see the doll’s eyes quite clearly.



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