10 Strange Animals You Should NEVER Touch!

We humans can be a bit “touchy”. We see animals that are small, fluffy, or just straight-up weird looking and we just want to go and pet them. But the thing is, we shouldn’t really be petting everything we see. From a floofy caterpillar and an ant that looks like a cute, tiny panda to a spikey one you might’ve almost stepped on, here are 10 strange animals you should never touch!

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Fluffy Caterpillar

Have you ever seen a fluffy creature and immediately felt the urge to touch it? That’s what you’d feel if you ever come across a fluffy caterpillar in real life, but be warned, that’s the opposite of what you should be doing. Most caterpillars are fairly harmless and just want to chomp on some leaves, but fluffy caterpillars aren’t just fluffy to be cute. The fluff is actually setae, a bunch of tiny hairs that most humans are insanely allergic to!

If you think that an allergic reaction is no big deal, it is. People that have made the mistake of touching this say that their skin immediately starts feeling like it’s on fire, but that’s not all they’re about. On the inside of the fur are little spines, which carry literal venom. Yup, pet it hard enough, and you’ll actually get stung and would need to get treated for their poison! That’s one fuzzy boi you should resist petting. At all costs!

Panda Ant

Pandas are pretty much the definition of the word “cute”. No matter what their size, you’d just want to go up to them and pet them. Now take that panda you really want to pet, and shrink them down to tiny sizes, and you’ll have the Panda Ant. These ants are, well, ants, but they look like super tiny pandas because of their fuzzy outsides. However, they do not carry any of the cute panda traits. If someone makes the mistake of touching one of these, they should be prepared for potentially getting stung.

Their stings are so intense that you can really feel them piercing through your skin and making it to the muscle, but that’s not it. After the stinger makes it through, the poison released is so intense that you’ll feel it pulsing through your whole body for hours! A tiny ant that really packs a punch.

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